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Clark University’s schools and departments offer a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, as well as professional certificates.

Clark is anchored by a core of arts and sciences departments that include everything from biology to visual and performing arts. Atop this foundation, Clark adds the innovative transdisciplinary International Development, Community, and Environment Department, which brings together faculty and students from multiple disciplines — all working to develop solutions to world challenges.  Two additional schools complete our academic enterprise: the Graduate School of Management, which offers an undergraduate major and several master’s degrees, and the School of Professional Studies, which offers degrees and certificates for working professionals.


Undergraduate Arts and Sciences

Clark’s undergraduate program in the arts and sciences provides an innovative liberal arts bachelor’s degree combining rigorous coursework with hands-on experiences that enable students to apply their knowledge to solve problems beyond the classroom. We call this Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP). Regardless of the discipline, Clark takes its students on a journey from theory to practice, classroom to the world. Clark students graduate ready to contribute and lead in whatever professional path they choose.

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Graduate Arts and Sciences

As the first institution in the United States initially dedicated exclusively to graduate training and research, Clark University offers doctoral programs that have championed intellectual inquiry since the University’s founding in 1887. Today, Clark offers doctoral programs in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, economics, geography, history, physics, and psychology, and an M.A. in English and a master of arts in teaching (MAT). Clark’s division of Graduate Arts and Sciences flourishes as a close-knit community of more than 225 scholars in nine Ph.D. programs and two M.A. programs.

Clark’s doctoral program in geography is top-ranked, and we have awarded more Ph.D.s in geography than any other institution. Our doctoral program in psychology is famous for its emphasis on culture and the social determinants of human well-being. And our unique program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies brings students from different disciplines together to study — and help prevent the reoccurrence of — some of humankind’s worst history. Our MAT program is nationally recognized for its success in strengthening educational outcomes in urban schools.

In addition, Clark offers 14 accelerated degree programs that allow students to add a master’s degree onto their bachelor’s degree with only one additional year of work — and with free tuition for eligible students.

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Becker School of Design & Technology

Featuring one of the world’s top five Game Design programs and top 10 Master of Fine Arts programs per The Princeton Review, the Becker School of Design & Technology provides students with a real-world studio environment to prepare them for lifelong careers in an exciting, rapidly changing industry. We also offer a 4+1 program, allowing students to obtain a B.A. in Interactive Media Design, then add a fifth year to pursue the MFA.

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School of Management

As a management school based at a liberal arts university, the School of Management (SOM) provides a rigorous business education focused on a human context. Lessons in ethics and corporate responsibility go hand in hand with accounting and finance — the common ground being leadership, vision, and success.

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Department of Sustainability and Social Justice

Clark’s Sustainability and Social Justice (formerly IDCE) is home to scholar-practitioners in passionate pursuit of solutions to the most pressing challenges facing individuals, communities, and the planet. We engage in translational, hands-on research that is inherently collaborative and uniquely effective.

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School of Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) serves the needs of recent graduates and working professionals seeking to advance in their jobs and careers. Students of diverse ages and backgrounds learn together in a context where various perspectives are welcomed and all experience is valued.

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